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SPARK School 

Beginning in the fall of 2012 we implemented a new strategy for "Sunday School" using the SPARK curriculum from Augsburg Fortress which follows the lectionary. Our SPARK education classes are held on Wednesday evenings for ages 3 years through 6th grade, from 5:30pm-6:30pm. We found that parents felt it was easier to commit to bringing students on a weeknight than a Sunday morning. We also added a worship service on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7pm, encouraging the students and parents to attend. This service has a little more contemporary feel to it.

Teachers enjoy the curriculum as it ties in perfectly with the lectionary readings that Pastor talks about and the students enjoy being able to asnwer questions at the intereactive service.

Many of our older youth that have completed Sunday school volunteer to be teacher assistants and the kids really love that!

Our Saviors Lutheran Church teaches the students in a very fun, loving way that helps them retain the bible stories they learn about.


Confirmation is a time in the Lutheran Church that the youth are given the opportunity to “confirm” their beliefs in God and Jesus Christ and become a full fledged member of their congregations. This rite of passage is a voluntary act. Many of the youth would say their parents strongly support and encourage this milestone in their lives.

Confirmation classes at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church begin in the 7th grade and continue through the 8th grade. During the early months of their 9th grade the students will receive final instructions before the Rite of Confirmation in the fall. 

Typically confirmation classes are held on Wednesdays during the school year immediately after school. Confirmation students are paired with a mentor during the Lenten season. Mentoring expands the circle of trusted adults the youth can turn to. It sets aside time to  discuss specific areas of how to relate our faith to everyday life while experiencing the Lenten journey together. Confirmation students are also expected to be on a rotating acolyte schedule.

VBS - Vacation Bible School

Held during the summer months, typically one day each week for 5 weeks OR 5 days in a row.

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